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Phylecia RenaePhylecia Renae, host of the new programme 'Di Riddim Sweet' throws premiere party for her show to air on CINTV February 14, 2016.

It is the beginning of a new year and the Caribbean International Network (CIN) brings some amazing new shows to New York on CINTV Ch.73 & Verizon FIOS Ch.26. Being driven by its slogan “Your window to the Caribbean”, CIN continues to connect the Caribbean-Americans to home by airing more local and current programmes on CINTV. These include the fabulous musical entertainment programme, 'Jussbuss Acoustic' which begins on February 14 and features top Jamaican artistes performing on set. 'The Saudicka Diaram' show begins March 13 and this show brings its audience up-to-date with everything lifestyle and entertainment in Jamaica. CIN is also proud to announce that they will be airing after several years a local New York programme called ‘Di Riddim Sweet’ to begin on February 14. This fast-moving entertainment magazine features Caribbean Personalities living in the New York Tri-State area and is hosted by Phylecia Renae!.

CIN is excited about its new content and continues to seek out the best in Caribbean programming to present to the over one million Caribbean-Americans in New York. Look out shortly for more announcements about new shows to appear on CINTV Ch.73 & Verizon FIOS Ch.26.

- Chantal Smith
CIN Lecture Series with Don Wehby Airs Sunday on CINTV
Don WehbyThe Caribbean International Network (CIN) will be airing its 11th Annual Lecture Series with Grace Kennedy’s CEO, Don Wehby. It will broadcast on CINTV, Ch. 73 & Verizon Fios Ch. 26 this Sunday December 6, 2015 at 11pm, reaching 18.5 million people in the Tri-State area.

Don Wehby’s astounding presentation “Jamaica To The World...The Grace Kennedy Story”, gathered a vast audience at the Schomburg Centre in Harlem, New York on October 29, 2015. His inspiring presentation was well received by the audience as he engaged them in the history of the company and outlined Grace Kennedy’s strategy to become a global company. He gave credit to all his predecessors and  shared personal stories reflecting the commitment of Grace Kennedy including the vision of creating a more personalized bank, which led to the birth of First Global Bank after the crash of the banking industry during the 1990’s.

This captivating one hour special with Don Wehby, who was described by Golden Krust CEO, Lowell Hawthorne as “determined, illustrious and dynamic”, will inspire its viewers to strive for greatness as he proudly discussed Grace Kennedy’s success, such as its recent acquisition of the Hispanic brand, “La Fe,” and its rapid growth which is evident in the current distribution present in France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Holland and Africa.

The presentation ended with Jimmy Cliff’s, “Many Rivers to Cross,” and in closing Don reminded his well engaged audience, “we have many rivers to cross, but we can see our way over them.”

The CIN Annual Lecture Series is the conception of CEO Stephen Hill, who ended the evening by speaking on the growth of CIN and where it is today, 23 years strong.

- Chantal Smith
CIN Says Grace
Thursday, October 29th marked the 11th annual CIN lecture series at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, NY. The night’s presentation featuring Don Wehby, CEO of Grace Kennedy Ltd., was entitled, “Jamaica to the World...The Grace Kennedy Story.” Mr. Wehby received a rousing introduction by Golden Krust CEO, Lowell Hawthorne, describing him as “determined, illustrious and dynamic.”


Don presented Grace Kennedy’s history as demonstrative in business leadership. He gave credit to all his predecessors, including Douglas Orane, who was in attendance for the night. Mr. Wehby shared personal stories reflecting the commitment of Grace Kennedy including the vision of creating a more personalized bank, which led to the birth of First Global Bank after the crash of the banking industry during the 1990’s.


Grace Kennedy’s burgeoning growth was also evident with current distribution present in France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Holland and Africa! In addition, Don beamed with optimism as he discussed the acquisition of the Hispanic brand, “La Fe,” sharing the great potential for the booming Hispanic/Caribbean market.


The night ended with Jimmy Cliff’s, “Many Rivers to Cross,” and in closing Don reminded the audience, “we have many rivers to cross, but we can see our way over them.” Mr. Wehby was well received.


Also in attendance were Honorable Una Clarke and daughter, Congresswoman Yvette Clark. The CIN lecture series is the brainchild of CEO Stephen Hill, who ended the evening by speaking on the growth of CIN and where it is today, 23 years strong!

-Antoinette DeSouza

Outlines Company’s History, Growth and Strategy to Global Growth and Expansion
On Thursday, October 29, GraceKennedy Group CEO, Don Wehby delivered the 11th Annual CIN Lecture Series at the Schomburg Centre in Harlem, New York, to a receptive audience who showed their appreciation for his presentation through a standing ovation and rousing applause at the end of his lecture. The lecture, entitled “Jamaica to the World, the GraceKennedy Story,” traced the company’s roots, and gave the attendees a taste of what to expect from the company moving forward.

Mr Wehby started his presentation by lauding Brand Jamaica’s value on the world stage in areas including music, sports and international affairs. He opined that Jamaica had not successfully converted its brand strength into growth for the economy. “As a result of our anaemic economic growth, people still doubt whether or not Jamaican firms can enter international markets and compete effectively with firms there. Today, I will share the story of a Jamaican born and locally managed corporate entity that has and is destroying that perceived myth daily,” he said, alluding to GraceKennedy.

Mr Wehby went on to speak to the contribution of the former Chairmen and CEOs of GraceKennedy, starting with founding fathers Dr John Grace and Fred W Kennedy, along with Accountant James Moss Solomon Snr, Carlton Alexander, A Rafael Diaz, and the Hon Douglas Orane, from whom he took over in 2011. Among the key areas he addressed were the company’s foray into manufacturing in the 1950s, GK in the 1970s, the company’s expansion into financial services in the 1990s, and its commitment to nation-building and corporate social responsibility. The work of GraceKennedy’s Foundations in education as a life changing tool for hundreds of young people was mentioned by the Group CEO as a company highlight.

But it was GraceKennedy’s international expansion that was singled out for great detail by Mr Wehby, who described the company’s newest subsidiary, GraceKennedy USA LLC as being ‘perhaps GraceKennedy’s most critical chapter yet’. “Up until this point there has been a huge missing link to our strategy. We were not doing our own marketing and distribution in the United States as this was being done through a third party. It would have been impossible to meet our goals and objectives without the right strategy in place,” he said. He added that GraceKennedy USA LLC will address this, and will be the game changer for the GraceKennedy Group.

He reiterated that while the company continues to grow abroad, its commitment to Jamaica is unwavering. The Group CEO shared pictures and plans of GraceKennedy’s new Headquarters to be built in downtown Kingston, starting in March of 2016. According to Mr Wehby, it was just one example of GraceKennedy’s contribution to the downtown redevelopment project.

The Group CEO shared that GraceKennedy products are now available in Jamaica, the Caribbean, North and Central America, the United Kingdom and wider Europe, Africa and Russia. “We’re excited to see where else the journey takes us,” he said, adding, “I have shared our story from 1922 to present with you today, but know that exciting chapters are ahead.”

Reflecting on the lecture experience, Mr Wehby said, “I am really humbled by the turnout at the lecture, and the feedback I have received since. There are so many Jamaicans who still, after having left here, have a love for and are loyal to the Grace brand. It really moved me. They want to see us succeed, and we know that they will support us as we continue to build. GraceKennedy is blessed to have loyal consumers and customers and we will never take that for granted.”

Caribbean International Network (CIN) donates advertising for National Education Trust (NET)
Caribbean International Network (CIN) has donated an advertising package worth US$45, 000 to National Education Trust Limited (NET). The advertising package included airing 60 seconds advertisement on CIN for six weeks. CIN provides access to programs created exclusively for the Caribbean Diaspora in the United States and has a reach of the 5 boroughs of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

This gift from CIN is quite timely as it assists NET in raising its profile in the Diaspora communities in the target areas.

“As NET seeks to engage the Jamaican Diaspora, we are constantly seeking partners to share our message. Communication with our stakeholders is critical if we are to be effective in the delivery of our mandate of transforming education through philanthropy. CIN, through this gesture, has shown that it believes in what we do and gives us hope that we can do even more” stated Latoya Harris, Public Private Relationship Manager at NET.

NET mobilises financial and quality resources for schools in Jamaica and is the focal point for investment and philanthropic contributions designed to bring transformative impact to the education sector. To fulfil its mandate, NET has been working with members of the Jamaican Diaspora and is seeking to extend its reach within the Jamaican communities across the world.
CIN Lecture Series 2015

Caribbean International Network (CIN) is proud to announce the CIN Lecture Series with Presenter Don Wehby which be held on October 29, 2015 at the Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture.

Don Wehby CEO of GraceKennedy is looking forward to speaking at the 11th CIN Lecture Series next Thursday at the Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture at 7 p.m . Don's presentation "Jamiaca to the world...... the GraceKennedy story" will be an interesting and informative speech which traces Graces' history from a small entrepreneurial company to its present growth as one of the Caribbean's largest conglomerates. His talk will also focus on Graces' challenges in entering the Hispanic market , one of the fastest growing food segments in the U.S.A. 
It will be a wonderful evening as the lecture will preceded by a one hour cocktail reception in the foyer of the Schomburg.

NIA’s Release of first documentary “Cost of Corruption” in New York on the Caribbean International Network Ch 73
National Integrity Action (NIA) will be airing its first documentary “Cost of Corruption” on Sunday, September 13, 2015 on CIN Channel 73 and FIOS Channel 26, at 5:30 pm. This documentary can be seen in New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. 
Dr Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of NIA is of the view that many Jamaicans including those in the Diaspora have very little understanding of how corruption has contributed to negative growth in national development. He therefore thought  it was vital for his organization to reach out to the Diaspora to shed light on this very critical issue. 

Dr. Munroe is urging members of the Diaspora to watch this important documentary so that they can be better informed about the devastating effects that corruption has had on Jamaica and Jamaicans both at home and in the international arena.
CIN 11th Lecture Series in NY with Don Wehby, Grace Kennedy CEO
Don Wehby CEO of Grace Kennedy Ltd. will be the presenter at the CIN 11th Annual Lecture Series in New York. Which is a free event!

Don Wehby the Chief Executive Officer of Grace Kennedy Ltd. will be the presenter at the 11th Annual CIN Lecture Series on Thursday, October 29, 2015 at New York’s Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture. The series was created by CIN’s CEO Stephen Hill who commented, “The annual lecture attracts capacity crowds and is the unique forum for intellectual dialogue between Caribbean thought leaders and members of the important New York area Caribbean Community.” Quite befitting, this year’s speaker is another private sector leader of major accomplishment.
Junior School's Challenge Quiz To Air On CIN In New York.

The Caribbean International Network (CIN) continues to bring exciting new shows to the New York Metropolitan area on Ch. 73 , WNYE 25 and FIOS Ch. 26. See “Junior School Challenge Quiz” starting this Sunday January 11 at 6:00pm.

“Junior School Challenge Quiz” is an edifying ½ hour show featuring Jamaica’s top Prep and Primary Schools vying for the top prize for smarts in "nail-biting" finishes.

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Caribbean International Network- leading the way to better sales!"

Just wondering why CIN is not available on long island's cablevision network. There are so many Caribbean people on long island and we need access as the other boroughs do. The paper media is great but we need live access as well. Hopefully in the very very near future long island with be included in your network access. Speaking for myself and others here on long island - our lives will be blessed if CIN is available to us! Thanks!!! >>> Maureeen

TELEVISION cable company, Caribbean International Network (CIN) headed by Jamaican Stephen Hill has, according to a survey conducted by Hope Research Group, scored a higher viewership among people of English-speaking Caribbean heritage residing in the New York area than established television cable networks, Fox, CBS, ABC and the Discovery Channel.

CIN came out ahead with 57.2 per cent of the survey, followed by ABC with 56.0 per cent, and coming in at third place was Fox at 38.4 per cent. Then came CBS with 32.7 per cent followed by Discovery at 32.7 percent.

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